What to Know When Hiring A Contractor

Make sure they are a "licensed" contractor.

  • Any Contractor bidding a job totaling $500 or more MUST be licensed.
  • All advertising must include a valid contractors license number.
  • Verify a contractors license and insurance by going to the California State License Board website cslb.ca.gov

Look for reviews and photos of past work.

  • This will give you some information about the contractor.
  • Their relationship with past clients.
  • The quality of workmanship you will receive.
  • How efficiently your work will be completed as well as how well they stay on schedule.

Get a total job cost

  • Get a total price to complete the entire job.
  • Never accept an open ended quote. An example being... an "hourly" or "daily" rate until the fob is completed. (It's like writing them a blank check)
  • Make sure all materials needed to complete the job are either included or otherwise specified.

Make sure you feel comfortable with them in your home.

  • Are they clean?
  • Are they courteous?
  • Are they respectful?