Out of all projects that can be attempted by a DIYer (do it yourself), It can’t be stressed enough how showers are the one project you don’t want to skimp on or take any chances with. There are so many key steps that go into building a successful shower system. And every one of those steps has to be done correctly for the shower system to be successful. If just one step is missed or not done correctly it WILL compromise the integrity of shower system and WILL allow water intrusion into the surrounding walls, floors, and/or cabinets, causing significant and costly damage.

Read the following excerpt to get an idea of how much water an average shower is exposed to.

The following FACTS were taken from articles written by Don Halverson.
Don is an inspector and a Forensic Tile Consultant in Southern California

  • If you live in the desert, your shower used once per day for 12 minutes, will see approximately 414 times more water in one year than the roof of your house.
  • If you live in the rain forest, that same shower, if used once a day for 12 minutes, would still see 2.2 times more water in one year than the roof or your house.
  • That is approximately 8700 inches of rain in a one year time frame!
  • Seeing these numbers shows us the potential water damage that could be caused by an improperly installed shower system. Taking a gamble in this part of the house is not advised.

The concerning thing is in most cases the finished product of an improperly installed shower can look the same on the outside as an installation done correctly. Which is why good references and reviews are so important in finding a quality licensed contractor you can trust.